The electric bicycle revolution has begun


The electric bicycle revolution has begun.


At GOnow, our highly skilled team, is hard at work with our design and manufacture partners across the pond, to ensure the most advanced in electric bicycle technology and the safest and highest quality product is available to the South African market, at a reasonable price.

What is this electric bicycle, we speak of?

An electric bicycle is, first and foremost, a bicycle. It uses the same designs and components as any other bicycle, but also includes an added electric motor. This is powered by a removable and rechargeable battery, which gives riders a surge of power and ultimately provides a smoother, more convenient, and less strenuous cycling experience. By eliminating many of the obstacles that keep people from cycling. obstacles such as headwinds, steep hills, and bike commutes that leave riders tired, messy, and sweaty, GOnow electric bikes help make the freedom, exhilaration, and satisfaction of cycling available and accessible to a wide range of potential cyclists.

For many, GOnow electric bikes are an attractive alternative to both conventional bicycles and traditional automobiles, providing an environmentally friendly, fun, efficient, and convenient way to travel.

We have witnessed drastic improvements in both battery and electric bicycle technologies and capabilities, as well as the rapid growth in the popularity of electric bicycles in recent years, have all made the prospects of owning and riding a GOnow electric bike particularly exciting.

Whether they’re used by people looking for a low impact way to get back into shape, older cyclists seeking a more accessible way to enjoy leisurely bike rides, urban professionals attempting to simplify their daily commutes, environmentally conscious travelers hoping to decrease their emissions footprints, or anyone in between, it seems increasingly likely that “electric-assisted bicycles will change how people think about bikes.”

With 3 years in the game, Gonow has refined the design and manufacture process down to a fine art, and have designed a range of electric bicycles around the user experience, focusing on safety, efficiency, comfort and ease of use

If you would like to scroll through our full range of products and services, take a look at our website or stop by our store, (253 Main Road Sea Point) and take one of our bikes for a ride and experience the joy of riding one of our bikes for yourself.

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