While it might seem trivial compared to other aspects like battery voltage and motor power ratings, your electric bicycle’s wheel size has a significant impact overall.
Like nearly every important decision you’ve ever made or ever will make, when it comes to ebikes, wheel size is important.
Bicycle wheels range from tiny 12 inch diameter wheels up to massive 29 inch diameter wheels.
When it comes to an electric bicycle though, you’ll likely have one of three options: 16, 20 or 26 inch.

Big wheels are slower to accelerate.
You’ve got a lot of mass sitting further away from the center of the wheel, meaning the moment of inertia of the wheel is greater.
This results in slower and less efficient acceleration than smaller wheels.
Bigger wheels also transfer less torque to the ground for the same motor compared to a smaller wheel.

Electric motors are at their most efficient when they run at higher RPM.
A 20″ inch wheel with a hub-motor is roughly equivalent to a slightly lower gear.
So take offs (acceleration) and low-down torque (hill climbing performance) improves significantly.
Smaller wheels also increases the amount of continuous power output of your electric motor.

20″ wheels offer increased manoeuvrability especially when riding among pedestrians on the sidewalk and through regular gridlock traffic on the road.
The smaller wheel is convenient for folding, storing and transporting your ebike.

Technically a large 26″ wheel would have a smoother ride on bumpy roads, so in response to this, the GONOW is fitted with front suspension and a comfort line suspension seat which is simple, essentially more reliable while providing a smooth, awesome ride absorbing just about any bump or pothole along the way. Sometimes it’s the smallest things which make the big difference.
Whether you’re wiggling through gridlock traffic or zig-zagging between pedestrians on the sidewalk, 20″ wheels will give you increased manoeuvrability.

We identified the 20″ inch wheel on ebikes to be the most popular and commonly used size on electric commuters worldwide and for good reason.